Newington Armory, LACC, 24 November

Another belter of an evening at the Newington Armory, hosted by Lidcombe-Auburn Cycling Club. Clear skies and mild temperatures were juxtaposed with some deceptively nasty crosswinds to wreak a fair amount of havoc on all four grades. You never tire of taking photos at this place, so many interesting angles and textures to play with. Even the local inmates at Silverwater Jail joined in the fun last night, they were in an especially feisty mood based on all the screaming  😉

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But please remember all images are © Copyright Carbon Addiction 2016.

img_2111 img_2102 img_2095 img_2052 img_2046 img_2017 img_2010 img_2005 img_1992 img_1990 img_1977 img_1975 img_1929 img_1925 img_1909 img_1905 img_1894 img_1862 img_1858 img_1834 img_1825 img_1816 img_1802 img_1766 img_1755 img_1728 img_1726 img_1721 img_1695 img_1683 img_1675 img_1659 img_1634 img_1587 img_1551 img_1540-1 img_1530 img_1520-1 img_1518 img_1516-1 img_1508-1 img_1503 img_1499 img_1474-1 img_1471 img_1468 img_1465-1 img_1463 img_1462 img_1461 img_1433 img_1422 img_1399 img_1398 img_1390 img_1379

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