National Capital Tour 2015

Another big field in Canberra over the weekend for the 2015 National Capital Tour. Saturday’s Stage 2 saw yet another serious NRS crash en route to Corin Forest, snuffing out the chances of many riders and seeing several others taken to hospital. Glorious skies greeted the remaining riders for Sunday’s double stage, with the morning’s short road race around Canberra followed by a helter skelter crit at Stromlo in the afternoon, which came to an exciting conclusion with the break only reeled in on the final lap. Avanti’s Joe Cooper took overall GC.

IMG_7726IMG_7666IMG_7553 IMG_7533 IMG_7442IMG_7432 IMG_7419 IMG_7393 IMG_7390 IMG_7379 IMG_7373 IMG_7349 IMG_7339 IMG_7329IMG_7319 IMG_7284 IMG_7273 IMG_7266 IMG_7263 IMG_7250 IMG_7240 IMG_7144 IMG_7131 IMG_7123 IMG_7079 IMG_7060 IMG_7034 IMG_7016 IMG_7011 IMG_6975 IMG_6969 IMG_6962 IMG_6952 IMG_6945 IMG_6917 IMG_6912 IMG_6887 IMG_6857 IMG_6816 IMG_6812 IMG_6805 IMG_6781 IMG_6780 IMG_6775 IMG_6767 IMG_6760 IMG_6753 IMG_6743 IMG_6739 IMG_6711 IMG_6693 IMG_6684 IMG_6672 IMG_6666 IMG_6620 IMG_6608 IMG_6598 IMG_6590 IMG_6588 IMG_6584 IMG_6554

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