Dulwich Hill CC @ Rookwood Cemetery

Criterium at a crematorium? Brilliant idea. Chapeau to everyone at Dulwich Hill Cycling Club in Sydney’s inner west for making it happen this morning at the historic Rookwood Necropolis. We could rattle off the ‘dead road’ puns, of course, but we’ll leave that to everyone else…

IMG_5585 IMG_5592 IMG_5589 IMG_5604 IMG_5601 IMG_5609 IMG_5606 IMG_5621 IMG_5614 IMG_5641 IMG_5638 IMG_5670 IMG_5644 IMG_5699 IMG_5692 IMG_5700 IMG_5714 IMG_5705 IMG_5749 IMG_5732 IMG_5721 IMG_5753 IMG_5766 IMG_5760 IMG_5795 IMG_5784 IMG_5799 IMG_5796 IMG_5825 IMG_5811 IMG_5844 IMG_5834 IMG_5858 IMG_5855 IMG_5876 IMG_5866 IMG_5859 IMG_5893 IMG_5891 IMG_5913 IMG_5896 IMG_5946 IMG_5931 IMG_5976 IMG_5968 IMG_5978 IMG_5982


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