2014 Grafton to Inverell (NRS)

Was fortunate enough to be in the race convoy for the 2014 Grafton to Inverell Classic. What a race. 228km of pretty much every type of riding challenge you can imagine. Cross winds. Head winds. Constant undulations. The 18km climb of Gibraltar. And then 35+ degree heat. A few of the old timers said it was the toughest conditions they can remember. Everyone who finished earned their medals, that’s for sure.

IMG_0117 IMG_0125 IMG_0272 IMG_0187  IMG_0154   IMG_0253  IMG_0226 IMG_0284 IMG_0297 IMG_0304 IMG_0322 IMG_0337 IMG_0365 IMG_0451 IMG_0483 IMG_0492 IMG_0504IMG_0140 IMG_0548 IMG_0563 IMG_0592 IMG_0601 IMG_0605 IMG_0640 IMG_0644 IMG_0671 IMG_0679 IMG_0789    IMG_0732 IMG_0710IMG_0712 IMG_0766IMG_3444


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